Why does Facebook Want my Credit Card Number?

Episode 1595 (1:19:33)

Bernie from San Diego, CA

Bernie is having issues logging into Facebook. He gets a popup that says he needs to give them some information, including a credit card number. Leo says that's definitely not Facebook. Facebook will ask for identification from time to time, especially if your account has been compromised, or you've lost access to your account, but Leo says to never do that with a credit card. Use other options like a utility bill. Here's some information - https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/183000765122339. Leo says it's likely a scam. So the real question is how did Bernie get that?  Leo recommends closing all your browsers and applications, clear the cache, then log in again. If you still get it, that means you have malware. But likely it's a browser hijack. Leo also recommends uninstalling any browser extensions you don't recognize. Do delete or disable them.