Sam Abuelsamid .... the 50-foot Problem

Episode 1595 (23:57)

Sam Abuelsamid

Leo just got a Chevy Volt and it takes forever to charge on the 110 volt connector. Sam says you can use the 220 volt NIMA 1450 dryer recepticle and it'll charge a lot faster. Sam also says Leo needs to get a 240 volt wall charger and they cost about $450. You'll also need a level 2 adapter. Seimens makes one, but there are several brands available. 

Sam also saw a new delivery robot, a project by Ford and Agility Robotics. It's an attempt to figure out the "fifty foot problem" with autonomous vehicles. It uses LIDAR to navigate uneven terrain, and can reach into an AV Van, grab a package, and deliver it to your door.  Leo says it looks like the Terminator is delivering your box. Terrifying.