Ransome War developed by NSA cripples City of Baltimore

Episode 1595 (02:17)

Eternal Blue

Hackers somehow got ahold of a malware exploit that was developed by the NSA and used it to attack the city of Baltimore. The malware, a ransomeware exploit known as Eternal Blue, was taken home by an NSA contractor, and Leo says that Kaspersky antivirus quarantined the malware and then sent it to the home office in Russia. From there, it was leaked to a hacker collective known as "The Shadow Brokers," and they have released it upon not only Baltomore, but it's spreading across the country and hitting not only government agencies, but also hospitals, shipping oerpators, ATMS, private businesses like FEDEX, railroads, and others. Leo says if you get bit, do NOT pay the ransom, just format your hard drive and start over.