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Watch Johnny from Atlanta, GA Comments

Johnny hears that Texture is going away. What is an alternative for reading digital magazines? Leo says that Texture was bought by Apple, and they're shutting it down this week. But you can get Apple's NEWS Plus for the same price, same magazines, and pretty much the same interface. Leo tried it and then canceled after a few days because it's sandboxed inside the Apple ecosystem. There's no Android option, unfortunately. 

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Watch Greg from San Clemente, CA Comments

Greg runs the Team USA Surfing team. He wants to know if the Apple Watch is waterproof enough for surfers to use to keep up on scores and information. Leo says that while Apple says the watch is waterproof, he's not at all confident it can weather long term exposure to salt water. Casio's GShock is very durable. But the challenge is to get the data out to them from a distance. Cellular may be the best option, but WiFi is more reliable. That Chatroom says The Tic Watch from MobVoi. $159 list. Leo says that Nixon is popular with surfers, and they have the Nixon Mission which uses Android Wear.

Watch Todd from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Todd is interested in getting a DashCam that Leo recommended a few years back. Leo likes the OWLCam. It's $350, but that includes a year of LTE service. It's powered by the OBD2 port and will phone home in the event of the car getting broken in.  You can also turn on the camera and interact with the driver,  which is great if you have teenage drivers.

Watch Grant from St. Paul, MN Comments

Grant thinks that home assistants like Google Assistant or Amazon Echo are great for home automation, but he hates talking to a box and knowing that it listens to everything he says. He wants more control over what it hears and what it doesn't. Leo says that there is an open source version called OpenHab, that is highly customizable and completely internal. And it runs on Raspberry Pi. There's also Mycroft.

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Watch Bernie from San Diego, CA Comments

Bernie is having issues logging into Facebook. He gets a popup that says he needs to give them some information, including a credit card number. Leo says that's definitely not Facebook. Facebook will ask for identification from time to time, especially if your account has been compromised, or you've lost access to your account, but Leo says to never do that with a credit card. Use other options like a utility bill. Here's some information - Leo says it's likely a scam. So the real question is how did Bernie get that?  Leo recommends closing all your browsers and applications, clear the cache, then log in again. If you still get it, that means you have malware. But likely it's a browser hijack. Leo also recommends uninstalling any browser extensions you don't recognize. Do delete or disable them. 

Watch Fred from Frazier Park, CA Comments

Fred wants to know why Apple hates the blind. Leo says that Apple doesn't. In fact, they lead the accessibility field with their accessibility in mobile devices. But Fred says that for him, most of those features are worthless. But Leo says that he knows many blind people who love the features in the iPhone, even though touch screen functions are a challenge. Steve Wonder uses his mobile phone with a braille screenwriter by Human Wear. Leo says it's great technology.

Watch Julian from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Julian is a blind accessibility teacher and he called in to say that Fred isn't really privy to just how powerful the accessibility features are and that he should just be patient to learn every feature.  You also have to retrain your brain to rely on other senses.  He just needs a little help. Julian's website is There's also an article from National Braille Press on Getting Started with the iPhone. There are also companies that make screen overlays with bumps to use for on-screen typing, called SPEEDDOTS.Com. He also recommends calling the Foundation for the Blind for help.