Johnny Jet ... Shoutable

Episode 1594 (1:10:50)

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet says there's a cool new app called SHOUTABLE, that allows you to publish messages to the LinkNYC network. You can publish a message for 1 minute to all 3600 screens across the five burrows. 

In travel news, LAX has a new twitter handle for Travel Stats to the airport. It's @FlyLAXStats.Parking information, Security level. Traffic. All updated every 15 minutes. 

Travel Tip. When flying out of LAX, have your driver drop you off at the arrivals, not departures. Doesn't apply to Lyft or Uber drivers. Also, never plug into a USB plug at the airport. Hackers can have malware in it to breach your data. Leo says to bring the PortaPow with you. It's only for power and is called a USB condom. It' prevents data from being accessed,