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Episode 1594

Giz Wiz

Did you know about the Steering Wheel Snack Tray and Workstation? It hooks onto your steering wheel for an instant desk, sturdy enough, the company says to support a laptop or lunch and a drink. It has two sides, an eating side and a working side. Mounts on most steering wheels in seconds, but the company says if you have a thickly padded steering wheel it might not fit. The 11 inch X 16.5 inch X 0.79-inch tray is small enough to store away before you start your car and drive off. NO YOU DON'T HAVE IT IN PLACE WHILE DRIVING! Fortunately, it's big enough so you probably wouldn't actually able to drive with it in place. Besides anything on the tray would go flying at the first turn of the steering wheel. And it's only about $12 on Amazon. At the link below it's was available only in black. On some other links on Amazon, it was available in grey at a higher price. Price as of 5/25/19. 

Amazon link