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Watch Patti from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Patti listens to the Tech Guy with her Amazon Echo and noticed that she gets commercials from San Diego, not LA. What gives? Leo says that when listening to the stream, the radio station sometimes uses specially sold ads for the internet stream that are more regional, or national in design. So that's likely why she heard ads from San Diego. Her device may also not really know your location, so if she can go into the app, she can add the location and get more accurate ads and weather forecasts.

Watch Alan from Murietta, CA Comments

Alan updated his app and now he gets an annoying popup.  Leo says that Quickbooks uses Java, and most browsers have stopped using Java because of security issues. But he needs to have it or he gets that annoying popup. Leo recommends installing the Oracle JRE runtime plugin

Watch Jason from Lake Elsinore, CA Comments

Jason is organizing a festival and wants to get a location beacon so that festival-goers can get where they're going. Is that legal and which one should he get? Leo says they are, but they kinda fizzled out of late. Beacons use Bluetooth LE so they aren't really good outside of a few hundred feet. They're mostly used to communicate information to an app. Most modern phones will support it. Here's a page for Apple about using beacons with the iPhone. Google uses EddyStone.  It wouldn't be good for navigation, but it would be good to update the festival-goers about the schedule. Nobody really liked the popups that would hassle them when they come into the range of a beacon, so they fizzled out.

But what may be a better option is QR Codes. Place QR codes everywhere that people can scan with their smartphones, and then it takes them to a website.

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Watch Mike from Grand Rapids, MI Comments

Mike is having issues with USB thumb drives he plugs into his computer. The computer won't mount it. Leo says that the flash drive is a cheap device and it can fail anytime in strange ways. Leo says that's a sign it's broken so just throw it away.

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Watch James from Ottawa, Canada Comments

James is a HAM and he wants to build a Raspberry Pi for using D-Star to run his HAM online. Leo says James will need a few extra pieces to work, but it's the ideal device for that purpose. Check out for more information on how to use a Raspberry Pi for a host of uses. You can even use it as a computer running Linux and Windows 10.  There's also a great book called Linux for Makers by Aaron Nekum.

Watch Susan from O'Fallon, Illinois Comments

Susan sees a Windows 10 update code for $5 on eBay. Is it legit? Leo says no! It's a scam and usually doesn't work.  And since Susan upgraded to Windows 10 and then downgraded, she can upgrade back to Windows 10 for free because she's already got an entitlement for her computer.  Go back to Windows 10, the time is right.

Watch Doug from Encinitas, California Comments

Doug has a podcast called Headline Minute on Anchor.FM. He wants to know if it will play using SIRI. Leo says that SIRI is as dumb as a box of rocks, but the Amazon Echo would likely play it, as will Google Assistant.  More people have Echos and Google Assistants anyway.