Is there any way to improve cellular in another country?

Episode 1593 (1:17:26)

Chris from Boca Raton, FL
Prepaid Sim Card

Chris is traveling to Brazil and he's noticed that the data rates down south are extremely slow.  Would the SkyRoam Solis help? Leo says no. If the 4G/LTE is a lousy carrier, it really won't matter what you use. Leo recommends to go to and read the most up to date information. You may be better off with a local SIM. 

Chris also has a dual router and wants to know if he splits his IOT to 2.4GHz and the rest on 5GHz, will that improve his online security? Leo says no. The main thing to protect your security is to keep everything up to date and have your network locked down with a secure login using WPA2. You'd have to isolate them using VLAN, and that requires a special router like the Ubiquity EdgeRouterX. But the good news is, that router is only around $50. You can also try a three router WiFi solution proposed by Steve Gibson. but the VLAN option is a much better solution.