How can I download a podcast?

Episode 1593 (34:32)

Dave from Rochester, NY

Dave wants to know how to download Leo's podcasts. Leo says that all his podcasts are designed to be downloaded, and you can do that from Twit.TV. There should be a button you can click on to download the podcast, or you can right click and select download on the link. But Leo recommends using a podcast aggregator like iTunes, Switcher, Pocket Cast (Android), Downcast (Android), Google Podcasts, Podcast Republic, Podcast Addict. Make sure you set them for automatic download, so it will download every new episode. 

Dave recently also subscribed to Google Voice for voice over IP. But with that, he has issues with his alarm service at home. Leo says that could be a problem with your alarm company. They may not like VOIP service as opposed to a POTS service (plain old telephone service). Also, VOIP uses regional e911 service, not local 911 services. So that could also be the issue.  You'll need to talk to your alarm company. You may need to either get a dialup line just for them, or they'll set you up with a separate cellular service.