How can I analyze my wifi connection?

Episode 1593 (1:07:55)

Brian from Mission Viejo, CA
Netgear AC1750

Brian upgraded his WiFi router network, but he's still running into buffering and congestion. Leo says first check to see if your connection is the issue by bypassing the router and wire the modem directly into your laptop. Run a speed test and see how it works. Once you've eliminated the cable connection, then you can look to your hardware. But it could also be good old fashioned neighborhood congestion. If you look at your wifi connection, you can see how many wifi devices your router sees. It's not only everyone streaming Netflix anymore. It's also smart assistants, refrigerators, cellphones. All vying for the same WiFi bandwidth. You can also move your base router around to see if you get a better connection. You can also use an app like NetSpot to analyze your wifi connection.