Is my Gmail Account Being Hacked?

Episode 1592 (40:00)

Jade from Santa Monica, CA

Jade keeps getting a security alert from Gmail that someone is trying to open her Gmail account. Leo says that Google will send warnings like that when someone is trying to break in and use her email account. but they usually include a location. If there's a button, DO NOT CLICK ON IT. It could be a phishing scam. Leo also recommends turning on two-factor authentication. That way, even if a bad guy has your password, they still need your phone to complete the login. She also needs to know what gov't phone company she should get her low-income smartphone from. Leo recommends ASSURANCE. That's run by T-Mobile and they will give her a good Samsung phone.

She's also having trouble paying bills online using her iPad. She's using iOS 9. Leo says that's likely the issue. She needs to update the OS to iOS 10 or above. Go to settings - general - update. If she can't update, then her iPad is too old to update. But the good news is, that she can get a new iPad for $325. Leo also recommends going to the Apple Refurbished site. She can save about $100 there.