Johnny Jet ... Customized

Episode 1592 (1:07:44)

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet says that the best thing he's ever done is go on a hot air balloon safari. It's amazing to soar over the Sarenghetti looking at the animals from on high.

Johnny Jet's favorite travel bag is from Briggs and Riley, but there's a new company called ROAM Luggage. What he loves about them is that it's created by the guys at TOOMEY, and you can completely customize your luggage to order. Leo isn't a fan of hard sided luggage, which is what this is, but it's a very cool bag. And with a million different color combinations, it's easy to create a bag that's easy to see on the luggage rack. So the chances of someone having the same color scheme is pretty low. You can even put your own name on it.  Comes within six days. $50 off with the promo code "Johnny Jet 50."

Travel site of the week - Cab Hit. It's like Kayak for Taxi cabs in the UK. There's also Black Lane.