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Watch Mark from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Mark hears that Public Wifi may not be safe. Is that true? Leo says yes and no. When we're on a public network, people can see our connection. We can see other people's computers in our browser. We may not be able to see everything, but a hacker can use what's called a "WiFi pineapple." So there is a potential risk. But with a secure connection via HTTPS, they can't really see anything. That's why Google is pushing hard for every website to be https. That's why it's Leo's opinion that we're mostly safe. When in doubt, just use a virtual private network while on a public wifi. Leo recommends the Tiny Hardware Firewall.

Watch Jeff from Pasadena, CA Comments

Jeff has reached the end of the line on his iMac since it won't work with updates anymore. So he's looking at buying a new Mac. Should he get an iMac or a Mac Mini? Leo says that he's a real fan of the new Mac Mini because it has a ton of connectors, including Thunderbolt 3, so he can run an external GPU if he wants. He can also upgrade the RAM. He can save some money and get his own screen, keyboard, and mouse.  He can also get a better webcam or connect a video camera to do streaming. 

Watch Al from Irvine, CA Comments

Al just moved here from Chicago and he needs to get some training in coding to get an IT job. Leo says that it depends on how much coding they want him to know. Obviously, he won't compete with people who have a computer science degree or who are already established with a solid resume. But he can get started with UDacity. They offer "nano degrees" with an online school of programming, and they are also Google-approved.

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Watch Jade from Santa Monica, CA Comments

Jade keeps getting a security alert from Gmail that someone is trying to open her Gmail account. Leo says that Google will send warnings like that when someone is trying to break in and use her email account. but they usually include a location. If there's a button, DO NOT CLICK ON IT. It could be a phishing scam. Leo also recommends turning on two-factor authentication. That way, even if a bad guy has your password, they still need your phone to complete the login. She also needs to know what gov't phone company she should get her low-income smartphone from. Leo recommends ASSURANCE. That's run by T-Mobile and they will give her a good Samsung phone.

She's also having trouble paying bills online using her iPad. She's using iOS 9. Leo says that's likely the issue. She needs to update the OS to iOS 10 or above. Go to settings - general - update. If she can't update, then her iPad is too old to update. But the good news is, that she can get a new iPad for $325. Leo also recommends going to the Apple Refurbished site. She can save about $100 there.

Watch Richard from Bucks County, Pennsylvania Comments

Jake recently "cut the cable" in favor of fiber. He's getting 700 MBps up and down. Leo says WOW. Jake wants to be able to connect his router to it so he can back up his computer. Leo says he would have to put the Verizon router in bridge mode and it won't do it.  He will need to get another router that can handle that kind of speed. 

Jake also has an old Mac running El Capitan. He's constantly getting a message from LastPass saying he needs to upgrade his browser. But he can't. Leo says that Apple changed how Safari works with plugins, and LastPass had to change how it works. Leo recommends moving to Chrome or using the LastPass app.

Watch Vidac from San Francisco, CA Comments

Vidac's sister lost her Samsung Galaxy Tablet. How can she find it? Leo says that she can go to and she may be able to see where it is under location information. She could also look at her Google Maps timeline if she has it and it's on (it is by default). She can at least narrow it down. Google also has a Find My Device page...

There's also an app on Google Play called Find My Device which will tell her where her Samsung device is.

Watch Richie from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Richie would like to sort his wishlist on Amazon. How can he do that? Leo says that he can drag items into different wish lists, so he could create a new list and then drag like items into it.

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Watch Rich from Scranton, PA Comments

Rich wants to start a podcast for his Rabbi. How can he get started? Leo says that Anchor.FM is ideal. It has unlimited free hosting with a ton of great tools including music, calls, etc. He can even monetize it, and he can do it with a smartphone.

Watch Rick from Ventura, CA Comments

Rick upgraded Windows 10 on a secondary drive, keeping Windows 7 on his C drive. Now he has a dual boot option. However, with Windows 7 support going away, how can he make sure he's OK if he has to replace that secondary drive? Leo says it'll authenticate automatically because Microsoft gives an entitlement based on the entire machine, not a hard drive. If he had to replace the motherboard, video card and hard drive, then he'd have an issue. But changing a hard drive won't cause the problems. When he replaces the hard drive, just use the Windows Media Creation Tool to create an "install" USB key (16GB or better) and then he can just run it by booting to the USB key. Run setup and Bob's your uncle. 

Watch Chuck from Kauai, Hawaii Comments

Chuck has to run through a tour at LastPass every time he has to log in. Leo says that he can disable going to the page to log in since he doesn't need to go to the vault every time he logs into LastPass. There's a checkbox in the settings to disable the vault popping up with each login.