Can I call Google Assistant anything?

Episode 1591 (35:46)

Richard from California
Google Assistant

Richard wishes he could name his Google Assistant something else so it wouldn't go off when he doesn't want it to. Leo says that the Hey Google in the mobile phones can. So why can't the assistant? It may be that it just doesn't have a powerful enough processor, and as such, it couldn't read it fast enough. It's likely comparing waveforms with what it has on the device, and then, activates. Then again, it may just be marketing. 

Richard is also worried that Google Music may be going away. He's heard rumors. Leo says that is probably just a baseless rumor. They'd have a riot on their hands. Leo suspects it may just be a rebranding. But just in case, you should probably make an off-site backup of that music. Remember, if you only have one copy of something in backup, it's not really a backup.