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Watch Chris from Rhode Island Comments

Chris needs a new tablet that supports GPS. Leo recommends the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 with LTE. Leo suggests Chris to go to his carrier store (AT&T) and tell them you're thinking of going with the competition. They'll give you a good deal to keep your business.

Chris also asks how he can mount his tablet? Leo says to put a metal disc on the back and affix it to your dash with a magnet. It's perfectly safe.

Watch Richard from California Comments

Richard wishes he could name his Google Assistant something else so it wouldn't go off when he doesn't want it to. Leo says that the Hey Google in the mobile phones can. So why can't the assistant? It may be that it just doesn't have a powerful enough processor, and as such, it couldn't read it fast enough. It's likely comparing waveforms with what it has on the device, and then, activates. Then again, it may just be marketing. 

Richard is also worried that Google Music may be going away. He's heard rumors. Leo says that is probably just a baseless rumor. They'd have a riot on their hands. Leo suspects it may just be a rebranding. But just in case, you should probably make an off-site backup of that music. Remember, if you only have one copy of something in backup, it's not really a backup. 

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Watch Steve from Trabuco Canyon, CA Comments

Steve is traveling to Mexico and wants to know what's the best way to stay connected with data. Leo recommends It'll also tell you the best hotspots. Get a MyFi card and you get LTE with up to five devices connected. What about phone calls? Leo says that most companies actually offer you a better deal by adding Mexico and Canada to your plan. 

Steve also tells Leo about a problem Tesla has with EMMC memory that wears out after only a few years. Check out this video by Rich Rebuilds. Leo also says that Tesla has a problem keeping parts in stock, and won't recall cars with the problem. So if you have this issue, you'll have to pay for it, and it's not cheap.

Watch Andrew from San Jose, CA Comments

Andrew has an old Razor gaming smartphone and he's updated it to Android 8 Oreo. But he's almost run out of space on his SD card, and he doesn't have any photos or videos on it. He backs up everything to Google Photos. What is going on? Leo says to pop your SD card out and look at it. See if it has a ton of temp files on it. You can even format it. Then put it back in. It's also possible Andrew bought a counterfeit card that says it's a 256GB size. It happens a lot, even buying on Amazon. There's also an app called FILES by Google, which can clean out your SD card for you. 

Watch Nikki from Bear Lake, California Comments

Nikki's laptop is in airplane mode and she can't get out of it. Leo says that it may have been enabled using a function key and you have to re-enable it the same way. The switch may also be stuck. Keyboards can get dirty. It may also not be a function key. It could be a hard switch on your laptop. 

Watch Scott from Sherman Oaks, CA Comments

Scott imaged his hard drive using EaseUS. Now he's trying to restore it to a larger hard drive, and it's reading as a smaller size. Leo says that he can repartition the hard drive using EaseUS. There are switches he can enable to do it differently. Or, use Windows Key + X: he will get the Windows 10 partition manager. From there, he can repartition it in the action menu. 

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Watch Kerry from New Mexico Comments

Kerry is trying to get some emails off a Windows XP machine from Outlook Express 6 and into Windows Live Mail. But he keeps running into a problem where he tries to copy the emails from the Express Storage folder into a file and onto the desktop.

Leo says you need to first re-index in Outlook Express. has a product that will do that. Once that's set, you can export your emails from Outlook into a .pst file and then re-import them into Live Mail. Instructions on how to do that can be found here.

Watch Jim from Windsor, CO Comments

Jim lives in a congested area and wants to be able to pick up his wifi signal from anywhere in the neighborhood to talk to his yard sprinkler unit with his smartphone. Leo says if you can talk to the control unit, you can talk to any individual unit within WiFi distance. But that's a call to your manufacturer support. 

Watch Pamela from Laguna Hills, California Comments

Pamela is so inundated with spam, she wants to get rid of her Gmail account. How can she back up the email she wants? Leo says the concept of cleaning out your inbox is called INBOX Zero. It's basically spring cleaning for your email account. Leo says that the archive is designed to remove all the email you don't want to see, but still have access to it by a searchable database. That's much better than throwing it away and realizing you lost something important. You can also download all your email at and then you can use a third party app to read the database and clear it out. But keeping it in Google Archive is a better option. Then you can set up filters to filter out any email you don't want to see.

Watch Kathy from Upland, CA Comments

Kathy dropped her external hard drive on the floor and now it's not working. It wasn't even that far. Leo says that's just bad luck: it's likely a broken arm or scratched sector. DriveSavers could fix it, but it's very expensive. And if they can't, then nobody can. This is why you back up. Leo recommends a 3-2-1 backup strategy: three backups, on two different formats, one off-site.

Watch Nolan from Glendale, CA Comments

Nolan wants to know if a mesh network can be deployed with a mobile app? Leo says that the earliest uses of MESH were through a mesh of internet hotspots with mobile phones.  It talked to other mobile devices and connected them. It was to create a network where there is no internet.  Here's an article about it -