The Giz Wiz and the Smart Base

Episode 1590 (2:18:00)

The Giz Wiz

The life of tech gadgets can be short. A perfect example of that is this JBL Smartbase. This well-built gadget from a famous company is selling for up to 90% off the MSRP. The JBL Smartbase Wireless won an Innovation Award at CES 2016 and came into the marketplace with a price of $199.95. It's described on Amazon as a: Perfect Bluetooth Dashboard Solution for Old Cars and Smartphone Navigation. It allows you to enjoy JBL quality sound wirelessly via Bluetooth. Adds ADAS (advanced driver assist system) functions like LDW (lane departure warning), FCW (front collision warning) and Traffic Signal Recognition into vehicles with minimum cost and no modifications to the vehicle. Patented Noise Canceling Technology uses beam forming, echo cancellation and noise suppression. Voice Logic minimizes background and wind noise to deliver superior voice quality as well as the highest speech recognition accuracy. The JBL Smartbase supports both Siri and Google Now. (Through your smartphone.) Qi Compliant Wireless Charging. --- That sounds good if you want to update an old car, but from the fast price drop (from almost $199.95 to $99 to $69 to $39 to as little as $19) it seems not enough people needed or wanted one. Or maybe they didn't know about it. But now they do. 

Giz Wiz Video

On 5/11/19 this $199.95 gadget was $19.00 on Amazon, but that price could change at any time! 

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