Do I Have to Pay TuneIn to Listen to Podcasts?

Episode 1590 (1:55:52)

Taylor from Cincinnati, OH

Taylor operates his own 100 watt FM radio station so they can stream via TuneIn. He's had complaints that TuneIn is charging them $100 for premium service in order to listen to him. Is that legit? Leo says NO! They do have free and paid levels for streaming, but he can listen to anything free on Tune-in. They do give a one-week free trial, but TuneIn is billing automatically via Apple Pay. Leo says to complain, and they will refund it. 

The problem he has is that his station matches one on iHeart Radio, and when he uses Amazon Echo to stream it, they get the iHeart Radio station. Be specific, so say "Echo, play Z98 FM on TuneIn" and it will play the right one.