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Watch Dustin from Virginia Comments

Dustin's mom has limited vision and he got her a Motorola Moto G6 smartphone with apps that can help her read the screen. But she's having trouble answering the phone. Is there a solution that will allow her to simply touch to answer? Leo says that there's a setting in Samsung phones to select any key to answer the phone. There's even an auto-answer option, though Leo's not sure if Moto supports it. Jitterbug's Flip Phone is really easy to use. From the chatroom - There's an app called HANDS FREE ANSWER.  Dustin can also get a Bluetooth speaker to pair with the phone, and he can use it to answer and hang up. 

Watch Suzanne from Anaheim Hills, CA Comments

Suzanne is going camping in Russia for a week, out in the middle of nowhere. She wants to know how she can charge her phone while out there. Leo says that Suzanne may not be able to use the phone in the mountains. But in the city, she may have a better option. Verizon now has an unlimited data day pass for about $10/day. So when she's in the city, she can turn it on.  For charging them, Leo recommends GOAL ZERO since their solar chargers are really well made. Goal Zero works because it has a battery that charges, then she can recharge it from there. Turn off international data roaming. 

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Watch Ron from North Carolina Comments

Ron wants to know how large a hard drive he can put in his SATA drive system. Leo says he won't really want a hard drive that's 15TB. As drive sizes go up, the error rate goes up. So in the long run, multiple smaller drives are better. What Leo recommends getting is an SSD drive for the boot drive, and then use a spinning drive for data storage. 

Watch Doug from Encinitas, CA Comments

Ron has a Channel Master Play Plus DVR and he notices that his voice-activated remote will cause popups of suggestions. What's going on? Leo says that the remote has Bluetooth LE (low energy) and it's possible it's picking up errant Bluetooth signals if around 30 feet. He can maybe dumb down the Bluetooth by turning off scanning. 

Watch David from Anaheim, CA Comments

David is tired of getting unwanted robocalls on his business number. How can he get rid of them? Leo says "welcome to the club!" since he can't really. He can block the number, sure, but after a short time, they use another number. So we just can't win. And blocks only really work when you're a residential customer. That's why Leo uses Google Voice for his number. That way it can get blocked at the Google level. The other option is an app like Burner to do it... or even Nomorobo.

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Watch Jeff from Wisconsin Comments

Jeff has a 10-year-old HD TV and he's thinking of upgrading to 4K. A TCL 65" with Roku built in. A good buy? Leo says he'll likely need a decoder box to work with the cable subscription. But will he get 4K? Well, that depends on his cable. And even then, no live channels really broadcast in 4K anyway.  He can stream it through Netflix and others, but it requires a faster internet connection. One thing he can do is get a 4K Bluray player. 

Watch Taylor from Cincinnati, OH Comments

Taylor operates his own 100 watt FM radio station so they can stream via TuneIn. He's had complaints that TuneIn is charging them $100 for premium service in order to listen to him. Is that legit? Leo says NO! They do have free and paid levels for streaming, but he can listen to anything free on Tune-in. They do give a one-week free trial, but TuneIn is billing automatically via Apple Pay. Leo says to complain, and they will refund it. 

The problem he has is that his station matches one on iHeart Radio, and when he uses Amazon Echo to stream it, they get the iHeart Radio station. Be specific, so say "Echo, play Z98 FM on TuneIn" and it will play the right one.

Watch Seal from Charleston, SC Comments

Seal just doesn't answer her phone anymore because of robocalls, so she just lets the phone go to voicemail. And if it's legit, she calls back. She can even put her phone in do not disturb mode, except for contacts. Leo says that's all she can really do to avoid answering a robocall. 

Watch Eddy from Finger Lakes, NY Comments

Eddy just wants to listen to music or stream on his phone without being disturbed. How can he turn off his phone without losing internet? Leo says that he can maybe turn it off in phone settings. He could turn on call forwarding. *72. Input another number, and it will forward all calls to that number, like a landline or a Google Voice. Then *73 to turn it off. He can also try turning on airplane mode, and then re-enable WiFi for data only. 

Watch Vic from Missouri Comments

Vic says that Google Voice has a setting to turn off Caller ID. But you have to do it from your web browser. Spectrum also has a special Roku app to get local channels through the internet.