How can I recover my Gmail account?

Episode 1589 (1:52:00)

John Paul from Carlsbad, CA

John Paul is having a hard time recovering his Gmail account. What can he do? Leo says it's very difficult to recover your Gmail because there's really no one to talk to. Gmail is a free service and doesn't offer support. If you had the paid version, GSuite, you'd have support. But since this is free, you're really at the mercy of the support documents. One way to prevent this is to turn on 2-factor authentication. That way you get a text message with a code that you input, or you use an authenticator. Also, set up a second email address for recovery so you can set a recovery email to reset it.  Without those, they may ask a series of questions you may not know or remember the answer to. 

But you can try the steps outlined here -