Why Do I Have to Press F1 When Booting Up my Computer?

Episode 1588 (1:45:50)

Rob from San Bernardino, CA

Bob is having issues with booting up a few of his computers. He gets a message that says "press F1 to continue" and then it doesn't do anything - it just crashes. Leo says it's usually related to the keyboard. The computer can't see it, and pressing F1 wakes up the keyboard and lets the computer recognize it. It could also be a failed keyboard since Bob is using a really old PS2 keyboard.

Also, Bob should look in the BIOS and see if he can reset the ESCD. Resetting it will force it to take another look at what he has connected to the computer. He can also reset the BIOS to its default settings. The motherboard has a CMOS battery that he may need to replace as well.