How can I Clone a "Blessed" Arcade Hard Drive?

Episode 1588 (1:35:05)

Dana from Granada Hills, CA
 video dart board

Dana has a video dart board which registers a hit on a video screen after people hit the mark. It runs on Linux and he's concerned that the hard drive may die. Can he clone it?  He's read that people are having issues cloning the drive. Leo says that it may look for a serial number in the start up, and if it doesn't see it, it won't boot up. However, it may be found in the master boot record. To clone a hard drive with everything, Leo recommends CloneZilla. It supports just about every format or system. But don't do it over USB. Dana will need an IDE interface with a second IDE drive to clone to. 

And find an enthusiast forum that has talked about and looked into this. REDDIT is the best option there, like /R/arcade or /cade.