Sam Abuelsamid ... Hey Echo

Episode 1587 (19:37)

Sam Abuelsamid

Sam wants to talk about bringing digital voice assistants, like Amazon Echo, into your car. The idea here is to further the hands off experience to keep your hands on the wheel and not trying to do anything else. Sam says until recently, car computers have had weak processors, that caused having voice regognition a challenge. But now most cars have embedded voice assistants with limited vocabularies, and Amazon and Google are moving into the space, as is Apple with Apple CarPlay. Within the next few years, 100% of all cars will have cellular connectivity and you'll have voice assistance come standard, be it Google Assistant through Android Auto, Hey Siri through CarPlay, or some third party system like Nuance.  Leo prefers CarPlay to Android Auto. It seems to support more features. But Sam disagrees. There's plenty there if you know how to find it.


They will also have LTE built in with 5 years of basic internet for free.