How can I capture and organize photos from scrapbooks?

Episode 1587 (56:29)

Roger from New York
Magix Photo Manager Deluxe

Roger has a bunch of old scrapbooks and wants to digitize them. Leo says that there are a lot of services that can scan them for you, but it may be too precious to risk. So look for a local photo company that won't ship somewhere else. But you can do it yourself. You can even do it with a mobile phone. But Epson makes some really nice photo scanners. Then you can add EXIF metadata in the photo that will give you plenty of room for notes. There's also APTC which gives you even more room for data.  Leo also recommends using a photo album app that will give you all the caption and face detection you need. MAGIX Photo Manager Deluxe is a great app for this. Photo Mechanic is a little more pro, but it's a good alternative too.