Is it too late to upgrade to OS X Mojave?

Episode 1586 (1:57:47)

Linda from Culver City, CA
macOS Mojave

Linda took her MacBook to a repair store to fix her trackpad. Leo says that there could be dirt underneath it, or it just stopped working. If you use your trackpad while you have a mouse plugged in and it's not working, see if the mouse will work instead. If that's the case, then it is the trackpad. It's not expensive to fix, but Leo recommends taking it to the Mac store and have it repaired with them. She was also told at the repair store that she can't upgrade her Mac anymore is this true? Leo says that's nonsense. Go to the App Store and see if you can update to Mojave. If you can't, you can probably update to Yosemite and then go to Mojave. If you can't, it'll tell you. But a four-year-old computer? You can most certainly upgrade