How can I view my keychain passwords in the iPad?

Episode 1586 (1:09:06)

Mark from Santa Ana, CA

Mark got a 2017 iPad Pro from a pawn shop for about $300, which Leo says that's a pretty good deal. Should he get an iPencil for the iPad Pro? He also wants to know how to wipe out the keychain password file. Leo says that he has an iPencil for his and he rarely uses it. If you sketch or annotate notes, then it's a good option. But if you don't, save yourself $100. Also, wipe the iPad completely so there will be nothing in the keychain. Turn on Keychain syncing and it'll sync to your Mac. Can he view his password list in the iPad? Leo says ho to passwords and accounts, then app passwords, and you'll see them there. 

Mark also discovered that after he wiped out the channels on his DVR, he could rescan and get the right channels in the right place. Leo says that makes sense to delete the channel database and start from scratch. The FCC has required rescanning as the channel frequencies have been moved.