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Watch Doctor Mom from New York, NY Comments

Doctor Mom is moving and she has run into an issue with all of her internet of things devices. She has to officially deactivate every device, especially those that are built in. She can't just unplug them and bring them along, or leave her smart hub lights behind.  Leo says this is a whole new problem that nobody has ever thought of before. Doctor Mom wishes she could just deactivate the hub and leave it behind for the next owner. But it doesn't work that way.

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Watch Larry from San Francisco, CA Comments

Larry's sister had her hard drive fail. Her backup isn't responding and it seems like her hard drive may be "locked." Leo says that doesn't make sense at all. If she made an image of the drive, she should be able to blast it onto another drive pretty easily, and Acronis should handle it. And unless she was locking her drive before, there's no reason it would be locked now. So more likely, if the recovery failed, then it could have messed up her SSD because the installation didn't finish. Leo recommends getting a new copy of Windows and format and reinstall. She can create a recovery drive with the Microsoft Windows 10 Media Creation Tool and a thumb drive, and then install a clean copy of it. 

Watch Marie from California Comments

Marie wants to know an alternative to Gmail. Leo stopped using Gmail because of their invasive ads, but the other side of the coin is that Gmail has the best spam filters of all. Leo moved to FastMail, so Marie can use Gmail to initially filter her emails, and then forward the rest to FastMail. Then she can run the secondary SPAM Sieve there.

Marie is also concerned with Facebook. Every time she does a search, an ad appears on Facebook for it. How does that happen? Leo says that probably wasn't Marie's search, so much as her going to a website that has Facebook icons, and it reads the cookie the website put in her browser.  So technically, Facebook isn't spying on her: they're getting metadata from the website she visited. 

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Watch Aaron from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Aaron broke his iPad and wants to know if it's worth repairing. Leo says probably not, and they're not really designed to be fixed. But they're getting cheaper all the time, so it's probably better to just buy a new one.  Keep an eye out for sales, because consumers can get a new iPad for around $300. Here's a link to a refurbished iPad for $239 from Apple. It's great for reading comics!

How about the Kindle Fire Tablet? Leo says they come with a highly customized browser designed to sell you stuff. Can he buy it from Amazon? Leo says he should always buy from the manufacturer. that way he is not buying someone else's problems.

Watch Gary from Cheektowaga, NY Comments

Gary wants to know if it's worth buying the G Suite from Google. Leo says it makes a lot of sense for companies, but for $10 a month, Gary won't get anything new. Google is replacing Google Hangouts with Meet and Chat, so he may have the opportunity to use that. It also offers Google Voice for new users. Look around. Check out Grasshopper, Mighty Call, or Line2. Leo uses Ring Central. 

Gary also found out that PlayOn, his DVR service online, is going up to $50 a month. Leo recommends YouTube TV as PlayOn requests a password apparently to access some services to record to the DVR.