What was Different at NAB this Year?

Episode 1584 (1:34:47)

Scott from Orange County, CA

Scott went to NAB this year, and there was a massive shift in the industry. No drones: VR was practically invisible: and Chinese manufacturers weren't there either.  Also, Panasonic's broadcast stuff was shoved in a corner in favor of 8K cameras. Artificial intelligence was also huge.

DJI didn't go to NAB and here's what they said - “We’ve had a traditional booth at NAB and other large events for the last several years, but we’ve decided to refocus our promotion strategy. We’re evaluating the best ways to support the professional imaging market and our pro customers, so we’re considering alternative options. We’re going to explore other ways to reach this customer base and demonstrate our support for them.”

Leo says that changes in how people approach technology can cause trade shows to diminish. COMDEX was the grandaddy of them all, but with the internet, people stopped having booths at the show. They're expensive, a lot of work, and for little benefit. Apple, Google, and even Microsoft are having their own events now.