Should I Buy a Used or Refurbished Phone?

Episode 1584 (1:55:19)

Ernest from Los Angeles, CA
Moto G6

Ernest needs a new phone but can't afford $1,000 to buy a brand new one. Should he buy a refurbished or used one? Leo says he can, but only from the manufacturer or a trusted reseller like Gazelle. But there are plenty of affordable Android phones out there, like the Motorola Moto G6 that are only a few hundred dollars. One Plus is another and the benefit is that they come unlocked. It's about $500 but for the price, the Moto G6 is an excellent choice.

Stay away from lower-end Samsungs though, like the Insignia. They are woefully underpowered and usually come with a very old Android Operating System that isn't being patched or updated.