Should I Buy a New Computer or Repair the Old One?

Episode 1584 (1:48:14)

Sam from Costa Mesa, CA
Power Supply

Sam's computer died and he replaced the power supply, but it didn't do anything. Should he keep trying to repair it? Leo says no. It's likely a motherboard and at that point, you may as well buy a new PC. But all computers have bloatware, stuff that he doesn't want. So he will have to clean them off.  Leo uses PowerShell to delete all the bloatware when he's breaking in a new PC. It also turns off Cortana, and Microsoft tracking. Search for Jess Fraz and her script to clean up Windows 10. Could he then install his old SSD and avoid installing Windows? Leo says the problem there is that all the drivers will be for another computer. So he advises going into device manager and delete all the devices. Then swap it over.