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Episode 1549

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The best computer to get a grandparent, what sound bar to buy, why a Blu-ray player might have inconsistent playback quality, Scott Wilkinson talks about 4K HDR projectors, watching TV with headphones and speakers, Wi-Fi dropout problems, the best device for video calling, can a smartphone be tracked while it's powered off, and Dick DeBartolo has a device for keeping your smartphone in front of your face.

Episode 1548

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Smartphone sales are declining, best email client for IMAP, using Wi-Fi calling with a carrier, what the future holds for self-driving trucks, using multiple monitors with a MacBook Pro, SD cards for taking pictures, why Windows might prompt you to reactivate, Chris Marquardt talks about the rise of professional Instagram photographers, and more of your calls.

Episode 1547

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More than 250 deaths taking selfies worldwide, the best way to store cables while traveling, new features for Amazon Echo, printer malware, finding a "vanilla" Android phone, Australia's anti-encryption law and more of your calls!

Episode 1546

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What 4K TVs to buy, using Mint for online banking, what MP3 player to buy, turning off active noise cancellation on an Android phone, best computer for a student, using Time Machine for backups on macOS Mojave, how to switch email providers, best computer for accounting, Chris Marquardt has photography tips, and more of your calls.

Episode 1545

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A new Microsoft scam is reported by the NY Times, using a Samsung Galaxy S9 with your own SIM card, buying your own modem for Verizon FIOS, troubleshooting a laptop touchpad, the best password managers, mesh routers, alternatives to a cable DVR and more of your calls!

Episode 1544

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Setting up a tablet for someone who is bed-ridden, mirrorless cameras vs. DSLRs, "Cruising" with Johnny Jet, recovering a dead TIVO, using one monitor with two computers, the best point and shoot camera for macro photography, alternatives to Quicken, editing photos on a Chromebook, troubleshooting a flaky iPad, is the new MacMini underpowered? And more of your calls!

Episode 1543

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Black Friday deals and the lack of deals from Apple, what tablet to buy with cellular data, what camera lenses to get for shooting in portrait and landscape, how to view a database on a phone, problems with Pokemon Go, how to tell if you've been infected by a virus on Android, extending a mesh network, and more of your calls.

Episode 1542

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Best streaming services for live TV, optical vs HDMI connections, transferring data from one drive to another, Chris Marquardt talks about the changes with Flickr, what display to buy for a Mac Mini, how to accurately test your broadband internet speed, changing carriers on an LTE tablet, is a VPN necessary for a college network, and more of your calls.

Episode 1541

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Categorizing and organizing your picture library, cloning your hard drive on Windows, what 4K TV should I buy? Troubleshooting a crashing browser, buying mobile service when traveling to Australia, hooking up headphones to a home theater system, hiding your information from Google, NAS alternatives to Drobo, and more of your calls!

Episode 1540

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Explaining the power of the A12X Bionic chip in Apple's new iPad Pro, recommending the new MacBook Air to replace an old faulty one, showing off the new Mac mini, Gmail as an alternative to Yahoo mail, the inability to downgrade to iOS 11, the Hit Em Up app for mass bulk texting, the STIR/SHAKEN method for halting spam robocalls, Chris Marquardt's guide to camera symbols, and more of your calls!