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Episode 1584 April 20, 2019

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Audience Questions

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Watch Tony from Pickens, South Carolina Comments

Tony is getting ready to sign up for Google Fi for his daughter, who's traveling overseas. After she gets back, can he transfer it to his Google account? Leo says it's a better idea to sign up for Google Fi with a new Google Voice account and number.


Watch Mark from Tustin, California Comments

Mark's channels have disappeared from his Hauppauge tuner. What happened? Leo says that the FCC has made stations shift frequencies, and have advised that users rescan for missing channels. Check out for when and how to rescan. There's more information here - But it may also be a Hauppauge issue.

Mark also has a Google Nexus 6p, and it's no longer being updated. Should he just bite the bullet and upgrade? Leo says it's a shame that after two years, that phone is obsolete from regular use. What's probably happening is the EMMC memory in that phone is probably getting slower. Leo recommends wiping the phone and restoring it.  Another thing to try is defragging it in Windows using TRIM if he can get Windows to read it as a drive. 

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Watch Max from Placentia, CA Comments

Max wants to know what Leo thinks of the Xbox One S All-Digital, which has no optical drive. Leo says that these days, more people are just buying online and downloading, and even then, the Disc is usually only to unlock the game and you still have to download a multi GB update. Leo also says that if there's no disc to buy, then there's no used game market. 

Watch Scott from Orange County, CA Comments

Scott went to NAB this year, and there was a massive shift in the industry. No drones: VR was practically invisible: and Chinese manufacturers weren't there either.  Also, Panasonic's broadcast stuff was shoved in a corner in favor of 8K cameras. Artificial intelligence was also huge.

DJI didn't go to NAB and here's what they said - “We’ve had a traditional booth at NAB and other large events for the last several years, but we’ve decided to refocus our promotion strategy. We’re evaluating the best ways to support the professional imaging market and our pro customers, so we’re considering alternative options. We’re going to explore other ways to reach this customer base and demonstrate our support for them.”

Leo says that changes in how people approach technology can cause trade shows to diminish. COMDEX was the grandaddy of them all, but with the internet, people stopped having booths at the show. They're expensive, a lot of work, and for little benefit. Apple, Google, and even Microsoft are having their own events now.

Watch Sam from Costa Mesa, CA Comments

Sam's computer died and he replaced the power supply, but it didn't do anything. Should he keep trying to repair it? Leo says no. It's likely a motherboard and at that point, you may as well buy a new PC. But all computers have bloatware, stuff that he doesn't want. So he will have to clean them off.  Leo uses PowerShell to delete all the bloatware when he's breaking in a new PC. It also turns off Cortana, and Microsoft tracking. Search for Jess Fraz and her script to clean up Windows 10. Could he then install his old SSD and avoid installing Windows? Leo says the problem there is that all the drivers will be for another computer. So he advises going into device manager and delete all the devices. Then swap it over.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Ernest from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Ernest needs a new phone but can't afford $1,000 to buy a brand new one. Should he buy a refurbished or used one? Leo says he can, but only from the manufacturer or a trusted reseller like Gazelle. But there are plenty of affordable Android phones out there, like the Motorola Moto G6 that are only a few hundred dollars. One Plus is another and the benefit is that they come unlocked. It's about $500 but for the price, the Moto G6 is an excellent choice.

Stay away from lower-end Samsungs though, like the Insignia. They are woefully underpowered and usually come with a very old Android Operating System that isn't being patched or updated. 

Watch Scott from Whidbey Island, Washington Comments

Scott uses Google Hangouts on his iPad Mini, but when he used it today, the little phone icon is missing. It's been removed from his personal account. What gives? Leo says Google has announced that it is eliminating Hangouts to all but Google Fi users.