Sam Abuelsamid ... Working Overnight

Episode 1583 (19:50)


Sam joins Rich to talk about music factor interfaces for Android Auto and Apple Carplay. Rich got Apple Carplay updated in his car overnight and was thrilled. Sam says that Carplay and Android Auto are the best factory-based music systems.  Rich said he had a check engine light go on in his car and he got an email from OnStar telling him what was wrong. Sam says that telemetry data is one of the cool things about the connected car experience, and it can even be predictive, where it warns you of a pending failure before it happens. But is that just selling him something or is the recommendation legit? 

Sam also says that in modern cars, people are buying computers for wrecked cars and minding the data from them, including personal data. This even more important when you rent a car. If you share your data in a rental car and don't forget to erase it before you return it, you're leaving yourself open to having your information data-mined.