Great Apps for your Phone

Episode 1583 (01:55)

YouTube Music

Here's a handful of Rich's favourite phone apps.

EVERLANCE, an app that's designed for freelancers. It keeps track of mileage and expenses. Great for the mobile phone.

Google Assistant. Great for using to do various things, including making dinner reservations through Google Duplex.

YouTube Music. Rich's favourite music app, which enables you to make an offline mixtape of 20 songs.

HeadSpace. A relaxation and meditation app for a better night's sleep.

Aptive. It's like having a personal trainer in your ear. Great for working out at the gym and listening to music.

Dash Lane. A great password manager, though other managers do a fine job as well. 

Firefox Focus. A private web browser from Mozilla.

Meteor. Rich's favourite internet speed app, which tests based on the apps you use.

Scannable. Rich's favourite way to scan paper into PDFs.  Super easy, super fun, and totally free. IOS only. Use Google Drive for Android.

Google Photo Scan to scan your old photos into digital copies.