How can I Cut the Cord?

Episode 1582 (31:00)

Tony from Huntington Beach, CA
FireTV Recast

Tony is tired of paying so much for cable and wants to cut the cord. How can he do it and get the same amount of programming?  Rich says that cord-cutting is the most popular question he gets, but it isn't' all that easy.  Even when consumers succeed, they end up paying as much or more for programming with subscriptions that they add ala carte. Also, a lot of TV programming require a log in for a cable or satellite service, etc.

There are local services available through DirecTV Now, YouTube TV, SlingTV. Rich uses the FireStick and the FireTV Recast. He can throw up an antenna, to get the local stations, but that is also dependent on a good TV signal. If he doesn't have it, he is stuck with it.

What about those special sticks and boxes that offer unscrambled services? Rich says that those are either piracy or just a collection of TV services he won't care about like Slovenian soccer. 

Rich recommends visiting, input all the desired channels, and the website will list all the services Tony will need as a cord cutter,