What Over-the-Air DVR Should I Buy?

Episode 1581 (09:37)

Roland from Hutchinson, Kansas

Roland wants to know if there's an over the air DVR and if Amazon's new Recast is a good buy. Leo says that Recast is a new product that will work in between the antenna and the TV, but he will also need a FireTV or EchoShow to talk to it. Over the air, DVRs include the TIVO OTA Model. ChannelMaster. Silicon Dust HDHome Run. 

Will a magnetic mount work with his wireless charging mobile phone? Leo says that it could easily block it, so put it on the phone case, so you can at least take the case off to charge the phone. Or, figure out where the charging coil is and put the metal plate lower than that. If the plate is small enough, he may be able to do that. But Leo prefers putting it on the case. That gives him the ability to take the phone out and charge it.