RIP Google+ and other Services

Episode 1581 (02:11)


A Sad Week in Google, as Google killed off a ton of services this week. Google+ closed down. Google Chromecast Audio was discontinued. The InBox in Gmail is now gone. Leo was really sad that Google+ never really grabbed the kind of attention from users that Facebook has. The sad part is that Google+ was very popular with photographers since images posted weren't as compressed as other social media sites do. They could upload uncompressed, or hi-resolution versions. But no more. 

Leo also adds that with Google's penchant to kill services that they launch, it's unlikely that developers will embrace new Google services like Stadia, the new streaming game service. Because they know that a few years down the road, Google will just move on to something else. And then there are the privacy issues that Google has knowing everything about us. At the end of the day, Google may be known in history as the company that fumbled the future because they like shiny new things.

Check out for a list of over 150 services that Google has brought to us... and ultimately killed.