How Can I Get my Music Off my Old iPhone?

Episode 1581 (2:04:50)

Patty from Corona, CA

Patty wants to know about an app called iMazing for transferring her music from her phone to her Mac. But when she tried to use it, she lost all her music from her phone. Leo says Patty should have backed up her iPhone with iTunes before doing it. Anything non-standard can cause problems like this. She could check to see if she has a backup of her music on iCloud. But when users have reloaded all their music into iTunes, the first thing they should do is make a backup of the iTunes media folder - not the Library folder. Look for the Music Folder - then the iTunes Folder, copy that entire Folder to another hard drive or thumb drive and Save it. Patty can also do CMD Shift H to get to the home folder, then go to the music folder from there. Once that's done, she can proceed without fear because she will have the music backed up. 

Stop using iMazing. It's more for special or specific needs. Use iTunes for basic music management.