Which Personal Locator Beacon Should I Buy?

Episode 1580 (1:07:12)

Don from San Juan Capistrano, CA

Don is interested in Personal Locator Beacons and Wireless Trail Cameras. Leo says that while he has no experience with PLBs, he does know that there are competing networks with various benefits. Here's a great article on the difference between PLBs and Satellite Messengers.

Don wants to know what to do with his iPod music. He would like to transfer them off before the iPod dies. Leo says he has to back it up to the cloud. Leo recommends Apple's iTunes Match. He can not only upload music to the cloud, but they will replace them with hi-quality 256 AAC versions, not just MP3s.

But he wants to backup music locally too, so Leo recommends Senuti for the Mac and iExplorer for Windows. He can also use iTunes for both.