Scott Wilkinson ... Tape Looped

Episode 1580 (17:55)


Leo tells Scott that he saw a movie on Netflix called the Highwaymen, and it was in Atmos! Scott says that Netflix supports Atmos at home now, as well as HDR. So it really is an impressive way to watch streaming video. 

Scott has a question about getting a reasonably priced stereo receiver with Bluetooth, and support for photo inputs and his BOZE speakers. Scott says all receivers are surrounded now, not stereo, but we can use them for stereo if we want. The real problem is that modern stereos have a tape look to an equalizer, through to the amps, and then to those BOZE 901 speakers. There's Yamaha R-S202, listing for about $130. But it doesn't have phono. The R-S700 has been discontinued, it had a tape loop and phono, but no Bluetooth. You can probably find one still. But it'll be a tall order to find a receiver that does all three affordably. 

The top end option is the Outlaw RR2150. $800, but you'd have to add a Bluetooth receiver for another $50 or so.