How Can I Make Space on my 4GB Mobile Phone?

Episode 1580 (40:33)

Robert from San Antonio, TX
Alcatel A621

Robert bought the Alcatel A621 Pixi Glory phone. What he hates is, he keeps getting upgrades to his phone and he's starting to run out of space. Leo says that upgrades are supposed to upgrade in place, overwriting the operating systems, not maintaining multiple ones. Leo says that there isn't a huge amount of storage because it's a cheaper Android device. Eventually, he won't be able to do anything because he will run out of space.

He also can't get it to do WiFi calling. He keeps getting an error code. Leo says that Robert is on a limited carrier plan because it's a gov't supported phone. So it's likely that his phone just doesn't support WiFi calling through the carrier. Leo says the dirty little secret is that carriers that do support WiFi calling charge minutes and data charges as well! It's awful. Leo recommends using a third party app like Facebook Messenger to do WiFi calling, If he has an SD card for storage, try and install the app there. If he can't, then just save all media and photos on the SD card. Save space for apps.