2019 - Ransomware is everywhere

Episode 1580 (02:00)


Leo says that while 2018 was the year Ransomware, 2019 is even worse. Arizona Beverages got hit by ransomware last week. The attack shut down sales operations for days, scuttled their networks, and servers. The network was hacked and encrypted, targeted by hackers with a ransom note posted to their website.  Leo says that Arizona struggled with trying to rebuild their operations for five days. Most of their servers hadn't been given security patches in years and their backups didn't work. After five days, they brought in the pros from Cisco to rebuild it from scratch, wiping out everything and starting over. It cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars in recovery costs.  All because an employee opened an email attachment.

ASUS computers also got hit, but were targeted by their mac address. Leo says that one was a targeted attack by what he thinks is a Nation State trying to breach into the network of specific executives and employees that they can take full advantage of.

So Leo repeats his warning ... DON'T EVER OPEN ATTACHMENTS! EVER. 


Arizona Beverages knocked offline by ransomware attack