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Watch Kyle from Columbus, OH Comments

Kyle is convinced Facebook is listening in on his conversations because he'll get ads showing up that is strangely related to conversations he's had within the last few hours. Are they listening in on him? Leo says that would a huge amount of data for a billion and a half users to process and then generate ads for. So it's likely not what Kyle think it is. The reality is, that Facebook already knows so much about him, that they don't really need to listen in on him. 

Watch Fred from Fontana, CA Comments

Fred is trying to import his contacts and calendars and gets a single PST file that he can't import. Leo says he can choose several different formats, including CSV. Fred also has a Dell computer and his free trial of McAfee has expired. Leo says GOOD! Get rid of it and use Windows Defender. It's one of the best AVS out there, and it comes free with Windows 10. You don't need anything else. 

Watch Brian from Indio, CA Comments

Brian is having problems with his Amazon Echo. It tells him it's not connected and to try again later. Leo says that is more likely a WiFi failure, not an Echo issue. 

Watch Ellie from Honolulu, HI Comments

Ellie wants to get a GoPro, but she doesn't care for the colours. Leo says that the White, Silver, and Black are actually three different models, not just colours. The White is $199 and is basic. The Silver is $100 more and has better video, and the Black is the top model. 

But Leo recommends the YI Action Camera. Very similar to the GoPro. It's 4K, WaterProof, and the price isn't too bad. Plus, it comes with a waterproof case. Leo replaced his GoPro with Yi. Leo says that GoPro is suffering financially, because there are competitors out there that are undercutting the market price-wise, without sacrificing quality. The Chatroom says that the Hero7 is the best model that GoPro has made, with its HyperSmooth feature.


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Watch Robert from San Antonio, TX Comments

Robert bought the Alcatel A621 Pixi Glory phone. What he hates is, he keeps getting upgrades to his phone and he's starting to run out of space. Leo says that upgrades are supposed to upgrade in place, overwriting the operating systems, not maintaining multiple ones. Leo says that there isn't a huge amount of storage because it's a cheaper Android device. Eventually, he won't be able to do anything because he will run out of space.

He also can't get it to do WiFi calling. He keeps getting an error code. Leo says that Robert is on a limited carrier plan because it's a gov't supported phone. So it's likely that his phone just doesn't support WiFi calling through the carrier. Leo says the dirty little secret is that carriers that do support WiFi calling charge minutes and data charges as well! It's awful. Leo recommends using a third party app like Facebook Messenger to do WiFi calling, If he has an SD card for storage, try and install the app there. If he can't, then just save all media and photos on the SD card. Save space for apps.

Watch David from Anaheim, California Comments

Robert has a Samsung Galaxy Note8 and he wants to know about Bixby. Leo says that Bixby is bascially like Siri or Hey Google, but Bixby can do a few other things. They're called Bixby routines, and it'll do things that users set up in advance. Users can even edit video with Bixby.

Watch Don from San Juan Capistrano, CA Comments

Don is interested in Personal Locator Beacons and Wireless Trail Cameras. Leo says that while he has no experience with PLBs, he does know that there are competing networks with various benefits. Here's a great article on the difference between PLBs and Satellite Messengers.

Don wants to know what to do with his iPod music. He would like to transfer them off before the iPod dies. Leo says he has to back it up to the cloud. Leo recommends Apple's iTunes Match. He can not only upload music to the cloud, but they will replace them with hi-quality 256 AAC versions, not just MP3s.

But he wants to backup music locally too, so Leo recommends Senuti for the Mac and iExplorer for Windows. He can also use iTunes for both. 

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Watch JT from Huntsville, AL Comments

JT needs to file taxes and wants to know the best option for online filing. Leo uses TurboTax. Leo says that TurboTax offers 1040EZ filing for free. It will also remind you what you need to include, like compliance with Obamacare. The great thing is that you no longer need to buy software either. And it takes about 20 minutes to do.

But make sure to collect all forms, W2s, etc.

Watch Henry from Prescott Valley, AZ Comments

Henry is thinking about creating a podcast or online course about the law and practice of investigating techniques. Leo says that he can make a MOC and post them online, and there are tools that can help. and both offer tools to create courses. They'll offer a set of tools to create audio, slides, lectures and even online quizzes.

Watch Gary from Cape Cod, MA Comments

Gary misses the program Little Snitch. Leo says it's a great program that watches outbound traffic, and it's still around. Is there something like that for Windows? Leo says to check out He can type in any program, and it will give him the alternative for another operating system. Other programs include Glass Wire, Net Limiter, and Zone Alarm.

Watch Larry from Temecula, CA Comments

Larry got a new iPhone XR for a great price and was able to trade in his old iPhone. Leo says that the iPhone XR is the best iPhone out there for battery life, power, and price. It's the sweet spot. He was also thinking of using the eSim feature for his carrier and then using the SIM for a second line for data. Leo says second line phones are very popular in Europe, and iOS has the eSim option as a result. But it's such a new technology that not even the carrier gets it. Leo recommends talking to the Apple Store geniuses who can set Larry up.