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Watch Henry from Prescott, Arizona Comments

Henry is a lifelong Mac user. He has Microsoft Office and wants to know if he can use Office 365, as well as if he can use it on multiple computers. Leo says the Office 365 subscription comes with up to five computers and nearly unlimited installs to iOS/Android devices. Henry can also use Office Online, which is free.  

Watch Sidip from Orlando, FL Comments

Sidip is a doctor who wants a mini tablet to use with his medical data. He also wants one that will last 24 hours during a shift. Leo says that there are small Android tablets, but they aren't great. The iPad Mini is probably Sidip's best bet. He can import his data into iBooks on the iPad, and have annotation capability. But if he does not want to go iOS, Samsung has a 7" Galaxy Tab Nook that could work. Asus and Acer also make 7" tablets to take a look at. But Leo says the Samsung is probably the best option. He could also go with a mobile phone like Google Pixel 3 or Galaxy S10. 

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Watch Robert from Mira Mesa, CA Comments

Robert has been looking at Chromebooks lately, and was told that Google makes a Chromebook and Chromebox, but hasn't seen any. Are they worth the money? Leo says that Google makes excellent Chromebooks, and they recently created the Pixel Slate with a detachable keyboard. But coming in May is Google IO, and the word is that they're going to announce a new PixelBook model. Supposedly, that means the previous model is going to drop in price. 

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Watch Joe from San Pedro, California Comments

Joe recently retired! He's an amateur photographer now, and he's setting up his home office with a 26" iMac. Leo says that the Adobe Photography subscription is great because it includes Lightroom and Photoshop for $10 per month. The 5K iMac is ideal for photographers. For laptops, Leo says that the Apple 15" MacBook Pro is an ideal size. 

Watch John from Connecticut Comments

John wants to know what's a good way to clean up his iTunes and back them up to the cloud. Leo says that iTunes Match is great because users get 256kb aac copies placed in the cloud and they can replace those old MP3s with much better versions. What can he do with all the songs named "Track 1?" Leo says the file name isn't as important as the metadata, and iTunes Match needs to know the metadata of the song to match it, but there are several programs that can replace that "track 1" with the title. From Scooter X in the chatroom -

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Watch Margaret from Washington, DC Comments

Margaret is using Salesforce and working with PDF documents. She needs to figure out a way to transfer those documents into an editor like Word. How does she get them back into Word easily and quickly without having to reformat? Leo says that Salesforce wants users to import them as CSV files, but that strips the document of all formatting. Margaret isn't alone, this seems to be a common complaint with Salesforce. As for how ... it's such a simple thing, but there doesn't seem to be a way to do it.


From the chatroom -

Watch Penny from Seal Beach, CA Comments

Penny uses a scanner with a sheet feeder with letter and legal paper, but it only scans 8 1/2x11. Leo says that there's a setting in her scanner that will tell the scanner how much to scan. She should see if she can change it. The driver is also giving her an error when she tries to download it. The chatroom offers this link -



Watch Paul from Virginia Comments

Paul bought a Helm email server, but he's having issues. He called the support service, and they helped him solve the issues. They give good support! 

Watch Jessie from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Jessie has some old computers and he wants to know if it would be worth it to put them to work bitcoin mining. Leo says as time goes on, it keeps getting harder to generate bitcoin, because miners need a lot of horsepower and electrical power to do it. The amount of energy that it would take to create one bitcoin would be more than bitcoin is currently worth.

Watch Jeff from Santa Ana, CA Comments

Jeff has kept his landline because his dad taught him to keep it in case of emergencies and natural disasters. Leo agrees but says phone companies are now relying on internet service for a lot of their service. They're even cutting the copper phone lines so they don't have to maintain them anymore. That's where HAM radio operators come in hand during a disaster. But he can still get universal lifeline service for under $10/month, and it's Real 911. Make sure it's powered by the central office. If not, the next best bet is to get a good cell carrier, in this order - Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. Jeff can get e911 for times when there's no power.