Why Can't My Phone Connect to the Network?

Episode 1578 (1:42:11)

Pria from San Diego, CA

Pria has her cell service with Verizon and she is having issues connecting to WiFi in her apartment building. Leo says that in her iPhone settings, check the WiFi connection and look for the name of the network. Click on the "i" and look at the network. Make sure there's an IP address in there, starting with either 192 or 10.  If it's anything else, she is not getting an internet connection. That would indicate the network is misconfigured. Try to unplug the router and plug it back in to reboot. Then, select "forget this network." This will disconnect her and then she can connect and re-enter the password. That should get her online. 

It sounds like Pria's landlord is using a MyFi, and there's no room for Pria, so she's getting kicked off. The issue should have something to do with the way his internet is set up.