How can I Upgrade My Old Windows XP Machine?

Episode 1578 (52:03)

Richard from Worcester, Massachusetts
 Windows XP.

Richard has an old computer running Windows XP. He'd like to boost the memory and hard drive. Leo says that most PCs are upgradable with off-the-shelf components, even the most proprietary brands. Go to or and use their memory picker. Input the model and they'll indicate exactly what is needed. Just remember though, running XP is dangerous to use online. Microsoft doesn't support XP anymore with security patches, and so it's just a target for hackers and exploits. 

So what Mac should he get? Leo says an iMac Pro is a great option. It's faster and more secure. It does cost about a 50% premium, but the OS is worth it. 

Richard also has a 5th generation iPad that is having issues receiving email. Leo says to try resetting the iPad - erase and reinstall the OS. Update it to iOS 12, check settings, etc. He will need the email server credentials and then input them in email settings. Delete what's there, and then add account, probably OTHER with an IMAP account, and add the information from the ISPs, including the login.