Apple Kills AirPower Two Years After Announcing It

Episode 1578 (02:24)

Two years after it announced the surfboard like Qi charging station known as AirPower, Apple announced today that it was cancelling the product, citing engineering issues. Leo says that according to iFixIt, Apple probably never would've been able to get it approved by the FCC.  Apple did release the AirPods 2, which now has wireless charging. So while you can't charge your iPhone and your AirPods at the same time, you can now charge both wirelessly. 

Leo also says that the latest announcements signal that Apple is pivoting from Hardware to Services. Instead of focusing on how many devices they sell, Apple will pivot to how much money they make on each customer. That's why the big announcements were a streaming network, a gaming network, and a news service. This is largely due to sales figures that indicate a plateau going on in selling iPhones and iPads.

What Finally Killed AirPower