Can I Find a Remote for my Old AV Receiver?

Episode 1577 (1:14:04)

Mike from Granada Hills, CA

Mike's Yamaha home theatre system lost its centre channel, so he plugged in an old Luxman AV receiver and he says that the sound is incredible. Leo says that the quality of amps has changed over the years, and he's not surprised. The digital-to-analogue converter is probably much better. The choice of DAC can make a huge difference. Can he get a remote for it? Leo says if it doesn't have a remote, then no universal remote will work, since there's no remote to emulate. But if he can find out that the model did support the remote, then he can. Check out to check. Leo recommends the Logitech Harmony remote because it has a database of remote codes that Mike can just enter and then he's ready to go.