Why Won't my Computer Wake Up?

Episode 1576 (1:02:50)

Vicky from Rialto, CA

Vicky put her computer to sleep and now it won't wake up. Leo says that's often called "the Big Sleep," and is a common Windows problem. It sounds like Vicky is experiencing "sudden death" of her hard drive. If she can put it into another computer through the external USB plug, and she can see the drive, that means it's not dead. If it can't see it, she will know it's dead. If it can see it, then she can try booting up from it. She'll probably have to change the boot order to do it, but there's a keyboard command for that after she sees the Dell Logo. She will probably need to get a new hard drive, and the good news is that they're cheap. Even for an SSD, the prices have gone way down! And adding an SSD will really make that 5-year-old Dell humm faster.  And if she backed up her data, she can easily restore it.