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Watch Laura from Beaumont, TX Comments

Laura is vision impaired and uses Google's screen reader on her browser and a recent update to Chrome has broken it. But there doesn't seem to be a legacy version of Chrome. What can she do? Leo says that with the latest version of Chrome, she needs to install the ZoomText extension and install it. She can download it here. She can also download the latest version of ZoomText 2019 here.

If that doesn't fix it, then Leo recommends using a different browser, like FireFox or EDGE. If that also doesn't work, then it indicates a change in how the browser handles extensions.

Watch Ron from New Jersey Comments

Roger uses Google Hangouts and hears that it will be going away soon. Leo says it will be going away for business users, but if he's a Google Fi user, he can still do Hangouts. What Google wants is for everyone to use a new service called RCS. The downside is that there's no iOS version, it's very limited, and you can't have phone calls into the conversation. Hangouts could do all of that, so keep using Hangouts while you can.

Watch John from Redondo Beach, CA Comments

John recently got a pair of Unitron hearing aids but he can't take phone calls with them. Leo says that's a limitation of the hearing aids, which may not be A2DP compatible. But the problem is his new Samsung Galaxy S10e mutes intermittently. Leo says to try un-pairing, and then re-pairing. Leo also says this has been a known issue with Samsung phones over time. There's a feature called "Easy Mute" that will need to be disabled, and It's in the settings.

There's also a link to a community forum post about the issue:

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Watch David from Los Angeles, CA Comments

David wants to know if he should back up his mobile device to Verizon Cloud. Leo says to not do it. They'll give a little bit for free, but they really want to charge extra for it. And he can back up to Google Drive for free. What about Verizon's VPN, is that worth $3.99 a month? Leo says that most paid VPNs are that much... but the question is, do we trust Verizon? Verizon is using McAfee's VPN services, and have in writing that they aren't logging user activity. So that's probably fine, especially at that price.

Watch Bobby from Tulsa, OK Comments

Bobby's wife has forgotten her Gmail password and would like to recover her account. Leo says that Google has an account recovery process, but as users get deeper into it, it gets harder to succeed. Google has no real tech support other than automated answers. Check in her browser to see if it has saved her password.

Watch Vicky from Rialto, CA Comments

Vicky put her computer to sleep and now it won't wake up. Leo says that's often called "the Big Sleep," and is a common Windows problem. It sounds like Vicky is experiencing "sudden death" of her hard drive. If she can put it into another computer through the external USB plug, and she can see the drive, that means it's not dead. If it can't see it, she will know it's dead. If it can see it, then she can try booting up from it. She'll probably have to change the boot order to do it, but there's a keyboard command for that after she sees the Dell Logo. She will probably need to get a new hard drive, and the good news is that they're cheap. Even for an SSD, the prices have gone way down! And adding an SSD will really make that 5-year-old Dell humm faster.  And if she backed up her data, she can easily restore it.

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Watch David from Orange County, CA Comments

David wants to know about securely sending attachments to clients with Exchange. Leo says that he prefers to send a link to the file saved in the cloud. It's secure, HIPPA compliant, and much easier than sending attachments, which can be notoriously insecure. Leo recommends ShareFile from Citrix. David can also set it to expire, use a password, and other security guarantees. It makes email smaller and more secure.

Free options include FireFox Send by Firefox, where David can send files up to 2.5gb.

Watch Jim from Maryland Comments

Jim found a duplicate file on a backup hard drive and wants to know how he can find other duplicates. Is there an app for that? Leo says that a program that can prevent duplications when backing up is SuperDuper by Shirt Pocket Software. Jim can set it up to mirror his internal drive and then if the internal drive dies, he can boot up from the external drive. Gemini Duplicate File Finder will do the job for the Mac, and it's $20 to buy. But be sure they're looking inside the file to verify it's a duplicate!

Watch Micah from Maine Comments

Micah is a podcaster, talking about Airplanes, and he believes that the 737 Max was grounded mostly because of hysteria created by social media. He says that the cause of the most recent crash was due to a series of problems created by the pilots not really knowing how to use the specific MCast software designed to trim the plane automatically. So pilot error, coupled with a faulty sensor, caused the crash.  Leo doesn't agree that we can pin the entire blame on grounding the fleet on just social media. An abundance of caution also could be the reason to ground it until the problem is found.