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Episode 1574 March 16, 2019

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Audience Questions

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Watch Bill from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Bill wants to know if there's an app to generate QR Codes. Google has one, but they're discontinuing. Leo says that there are plenty, including and Those are really link-shorteners more than QR code generators, but they're both quite good at what they do.

Watch Vinny from Hawthorne, California Comments

Vinny bought a new Samsung Galaxy S10+. Good choice? Leo says it is! But the S10+ design is very sensitive, Leo had to get a clear case to stop accidentally triggering something when he holds it.

Watch David from Brooklyn, NY Comments

David hears that he can turn an old cell phone into an MP3 player. Can he use a cheap prepaid cellular smartphone? Leo says that will work, but he wants to be sure it has enough storage. Most cheap smartphones don't' have more than 16GB. Getting one that has a microSD card slot would also work because he can put one in with all his music and use it that way. Leo also recommends using doubleTwist to play music. From the chatroom - ZTE phones are $8 at Best Buy!

FIIO is one of the last "iPod-ish" companies, and they make great mp3 players.

Watch Frank from Van Nuys, California Comments

Frank bought a Sony XBR 800e. Three weeks after his warranty expired, it started having trouble. Leo says that while the warranty is expired, it's close enough that if he calls them and pleads his case, Sony may be willing to extend the coverage and fix it, and it's likely just a tuner that's gone bad. The other option is to use a third-party tuner. Leo recommends a TiVo or Channel Master product.

From the Chatroom - The FCC has mandated that some local channels will need to change their frequencies. So you'll have to rescan your tuner to find the channels again.

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Watch Asian from Santa Ana, CA Comments

Asian recently bought a new 3D printer and they're having issues printing since it doesn't see the models. Could be he's using the wrong model file format, or it can't see the SD card because it's not formatted correctly.

Check out Thingiverse for great models.

Watch Mike from Corona, CA Comments

Mike has AT&T for all his services. But his rate just doubled. So he's looking for an alternative. Leo says to just call them up and tell them he is leaving unless he gets a better deal. Cord cutting is not really cutting the cable if they also provide internet and often they'll raise the rate because he is not using their cable service. In general, he doesn't really save when he adds in Netflix, Hulu, and then gets live TV from a streaming service like YouTubeTV or Sling. If he has a direct line of sight to the TV broadcasters, then he can put up an antenna and get local channels over the air for free.


Watch Jack from California Comments

Jack has an Epson All-in-One printer and he can't scan to his computer. It says all the channels are blocked. Leo says that he can scan over wifi with today's wireless printer scanners. But it's network scanning, and a firewall may be blocking it. Turn off the software firewall in the OS. He doesn't need it if he has a router. Then, open up the computer to the printer in the menu and let the printer make the connection.

Watch John from Southbend, IN Comments

John bought two Wyze Cams for his security, and he's constantly being notified of movement. Can he fine tune it to be more selective? Leo says that because they are so economical, the software is fairly basic. He can go into the settings and limit notifications per hour though.

Watch Bob from San Diego, CA Comments

Bob would like to download Amazon Prime shows from his iPhone and play them back on his PC. Leo says he hasn't used LonelyScreen, but a quick perusal shows it may be OK. The Chatroom says AirServer is another. However, using applications that rely on WiFi won't work out of range. 

Amazon Prime also lets users watch offline content. Some Hotels are now offering Chromecast support.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Mike from Cabo San Lucas, MX Comments

Mike is down in Cabo a lot and he streams using high-speed DSL. He uses a VPN but lately, the ISP has been shutting him down. Leo says that it sounds like the internet companies are getting wise to that. Sometimes users can switch VPNs and get back up and running. Another option is to set up a VPN server at his server in the US, then surf to that with Remote PC. 

From the Chatroom - here's an article on how to configure your VPN to make it more invisible -

Watch Ken from West Hills, CA Comments

Ken has a few Samsung 8500 TVs and would like to listen to them with headphones via TOSLINK. Leo says that TOSLINK is optical, but there are many TOSLINK-analog converters out there. Leo says to go to since they make a similar box for about $20. He will also need to get an amplifier for them. Check out for that. 

Watch David from Tustin, CA Comments

David is a teacher and wants to know if a ViewSonic Viewboard Direct View monitor is a good choice. Leo says that Viewsonic makes very good monitors, but there are other options. The Microsoft Surface Hub is a great option that is multi-touch with a built-in PC for it. The Chatroom also recommends Google JamBoard, which is half the price of ViewSonic's monitor.

Watch Susan from Valencia, CA Comments

Susan tries to send her sister pictures on her smartphone, but the sister can't figure out how to open them. Leo says to try using Google Photos so she can put photos online and then she can see them through the app. All she needs to do is send her a link to an album, and she can click on it to go directly to the photos. 

Watch Tony from Pickens, SC Comments

Tony's daughter is travelling to Turkey and he wants to know if Google Fi is a good service for international travel with the Motorola Moto G6. Leo says it certainly is! Plus, it's affordable and about the same cost in Turkey as it is in the US.